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Channel 9 brings Stupidity and Ignorance to US Elections

August 31, 2008

It’s probably not the surprise of the century that Channel Nine supports Senator Obama wholeheartedly but now their twisted arguments and plain bias are reaching new lows, even by their own miserable standards.

Karl on Channel 9 Today Show

Karl on Channel 9 Today Show

God knows what flew into Karl Stefanovic on the Today show last Friday morning, he went on a personal rant against McCain voters that was more appropriate for a early morning kebab queue debate. Maybe it was the news earlier in the week that McCain was now ahead in the polls, or maybe the stress from a long hard working week had got to him and made him forget about journalism ethics, what do I know, but while chatting to a guest that I forgot the name of he certainly let the viewers know where he stands.

I can’t find the clip and I can’t even recall or find the name of the guest but it went something like this:

While chatting about the Democratic convention in Denver the Guest says: “It’s still a tight race. There are so many uneducated and stupid people in the US. You know I’ve spoken to these people in the US inland states who still thinks Obama is a muslim and so on.”

Karl Stefanovic: “Yes, it’s absolutely incredible, all these simple people out in the countryside who don’t know their own good that he still has to convince.”

Karl now turns to the camera and puts on a concerned and serious face. “You know when we went to Tennessee some time ago and we went for a few drinks in the local bar we had people, on knowing we were from Australia, asking us whether it was a long drive to get here!”

Karl and his Guest shake their heads and and leave no doubts at all in the viewers’ minds that they’re backing Obama and consider McCain voters to be below par in the upstairs department.

Now hold on a bit here, for anyone who knows anything about US politics and voter demographics it’s clear that it’s rather the other way around. Of course we could find idiots among both supporter groups and no doubt there would be some pretty common folk in the US heartland who vote for the Republicans, but in general, the better educated and more politically aware have a higher propensity to vote for McCain. Indeed, one of Obama’s strategies in this election is to mobilise voters who are normally to ignorant or too lazy to vote and make them his voters. That’s fair enough, we’d expect a politicians to go out and fish for votes, that’s their job after all. But it doesn’t bode well for the Today show’s Karl and his disenlightened theories.

Most of us can probably see the same pattern among our own friends, I know I can. The group of friends who are for Obama are not usually the ones who are well informed on politics in general and when prompted for arguments can only mention Obama’s skincolour or how old that other guy (McCain) is. And thereby showing signs of racism and ageism all in one sentence we could add.

The McCain group of friends on the other hand seems, on balance, quite informed on the subject with many having been fans since his year 2000 Republican show-down with Bush, which he narrowly lost.

Why don’t we just switch over to Kochie and Mel on 7 instead. A light-hearted morning show doesn’t need to win prizes for investigative journalism, but we do expect it to be mostly unbiased or at least provide sound arguments when it’s not.