“The best guy in the world” gunned down in Parramatta

News Ltd / Daily Telegraph is mirroring the news from a very peculiar angle in the reporting on the death of a would-be-robber following a cash-in-transit armed robbery in Parramatta.


The article, written by Evelyn Yamine, goes to great lengths in order to confuse the reader and portray the armed robbers as victims of circumstances, but with little concern for the real victims i.e. the security guards and members of the public who could easily have been hurt during the robbery.

SECURITY guards opened fire on a gang of robbers last night, shooting one man who later died in hospital after having been dumped by his accomplices or a family member.

“Opened fire”? Does she mean the honourable robbers were just going about their business when the security guards opened fire on them? The truth is that the robbers were rushing towards the guard with drawn weapons whereby the guard opened fire and hit one of the robbers in the chest resulting in all three robbers fleeing.

And what concern does Evelyn show for the security guards who had loaded guns pointed at them while carrying out their work duties. She mentions them briefly here:

It was not known how many shots were fired by the guards.

The guards were taken to Parramatta police station for questioning but it was unclear if any charges were to be laid.

Uh? Ok, that’s not a falsehood, they were really questioned by NSW Police, as is standard after an incident like this.

Subsequent reporting by the Daily Telegraph on this story was more balanced and described the incident for what it was, a failed robbery attempt where one of the perpetrators was shot by a guard in self-defence. But then the Daily Telegraph was at it again, this time interviewing the relatives of the shot robber, Kales Dib, many whom had gathered outside the hospital where Mr Dib was left by his “mates” and where he later died. There were reports that up to a hundred friends and family were trying to get into the hospital, the group had to be dispersed by police.


The Daily Telegraph reported on what one of them had to say:

“He was good man. He was the best guy in the world,” one relative said.

Ok, really good guy hey? For all we know this statement could have come from one of the accomplices in the robbery, the other two have still not been found. The Daily Telegraph also seems amazed that the robber had a criminal past and was known to the police. Well, cash-in-transit armed robbery is hardly the first stepping stone into a life of crime is it.

Should our media not show more concern for the victims of crime rather than the criminals?


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